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Demet believes that good design is pure design.

A product should serve its function in the simplest possible way.

Her trademark is the sense of humour hidden in little nuances that flirt with the user throughout the entire life cycle of a product.


For Demet, excitement and exploration for new approaches never ends.

Demet Bilici Arik studied industrial product design at ITU (Istanbul Technical University) and got her bachelor’s degree in 2004.

While she was still a student, she represented her school at Salone Satellite (in Milan) which broadened her horizons for her professional career and encouraged her for self-employment. She emerged into the design scene with ETMK Young Designer of the Year Award in 2004 which was followed by being introduced as one of the 10 most wanted designers by Wallpaper in 2005 with her graduation project: Drop.

Since founding her own studio, Demet has designed products for industry leaders like DuPont Corian, Has Halı, Anatoli, Üçsan Plastic and Kale. She also showcases her expertise and talent in the interior design sector, accomplishing retail, office and residential decorations as well as custom design booths.

Her design approach can be expressed as: the search for the purest form that serves its function, while adding her sense of humour through little nuances.

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